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Where We Come Came From
Homebrew Roots (homebroots)

We are firm believers that you should never forget your roots. Ours are as homebrewers. JJ started homebrewing in 1991 and it's his hobby that led to the creation of the brewery. Ryan has built his own little 1-gallon home brew stand. Several of our investors also homebrew.

We keep JJ's homebrew equipment in the brewery and use it still as our pilot brewery. Its size allows us to experiment with new recipes at a fraction of the cost of a full 10-BBL batch. Since we now know how to scale up the recipes, it's the right thing to do. But, perhaps more importantly, it helps to keep us homebrooted.

Many of our customers are homebrewers and it's not uncommon for them to bring samples to us looking for "professional" opinions. We enjoy this tremendously and while we think our opinion is just an opinion, we love being able to support and encourage the craft that got us started. We get to support the community from which we came and we get to taste craft beer at the same time!

This brings us to our Homebroots Program, which works like this: when we find a homebrew that we like and feel is worthy of greater attention, we will offer the homebrewer a chance to make a homebrew size batch (about 10 gallons) at the brewery and we'll serve it in the taproom. Assuming, it comes out all right, that is. Most times, JJ will want to brew the same recipe on the pilot brewery at the same time (also 10 gallons), just to be able to compare and contrast the same craft beer brewed on different equipment and with different processes. It's not a ton of beer (literally, it will only weigh about 180 pounds), but it is enough to see how well the paying public likes your homebrew.

Because we have such great taproom customers, we expect that they will be more than willing to provide feedback to our local homebrewers. We know the homebrewers welcome the opportunity for people to taste and comment. It's why they (we) brew!

Since the Homebroots program looks to be such a boon to our taproom business, we have decided to allow the homebrewers to choose a charity to receive 15% of the proceeds from the night we role out their beer. You can get information on these charities by following the links below for each of the homebrewers.

A logical question is how do you get your craft brewed and on tap at Petaluma Hills Brewing Company? Well, we don't have hard and fast rules for that yet. Let's play it by ear. But we can tell you that the homebrews we picked so far are ones from our taproom customers who like to share the occasional homebrew bottle with us. We see them often in the taproom and around at pouring events as both patrons and purveyors (the latter only at charitable events). These homebrewers are not strangers to us. They are fans who have become friends. So, if you're interested in sharing your homebrew in a similar fashion, we expect to see you visiting the taproom and getting to know us.

Below, we list the homebrews that we liked and that keep us rooted in the homebrewing community. We'll also list the date it is (or was) available in the taproom. Click on the link to read details and we hope you come in, sample their homebrews, and always remind us of our roots.

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