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March 31, 2016: HopLabs Baby on the Way IPA

Jon and Craig are two longtime friends and avid homebrewers, with a great passion for everything craft beer. Their fascination with beer has led them on a journey to learn as much as they can about the beer industry, as they aspire to one day start a brewery of their own. Currently, they are working on refining recipes and techniques, as well as growing their own hops.

HopLabs is not afraid to experiment with off the wall beer flavors, unique ingredients, and over the top hoppiness. When not brewing their own beer, they spend countless hours at craft beer events and breweries, sampling and talking with other brewers and beer fanatics about experiences, ingredients, and tastes. The opinions and feedback of others in the craft beer community have been invaluable and instrumental in their continued growth as brewers. They have done well in several homebrew competitions and look forward to competing in more. Sharing their brews with other beer lovers is what drives and motivates them.

With the help of the super supportive beer community and their beer loving wives, they will continue to homebrew their way to the dream of making HopLabs a reality and being a permanent fixture in the amazing local beer community.

Jon and Craig's charity is Sonoma County Vet Connect.

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