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July 27, 2016: Scott Mize Wiki Wiki Hefe

What began humbly as a fun hobby with his older brother in his parent’s backyard, quickly took on a life of its own and continues to command a lot of time and attention today. For more than fifteen years, Scott Mize has been introducing people to the world of great beer through his creativity with hops, barley, and yeast. The commercial beer scene of the North Bay and Pacific Northwest has certainly influenced his palette, as double and triple IPAs are what he is most known for among friends and family. Brewing only a couple 5-gallon extract batches in those early days, Scott quickly progressed to 10-gallon all-grain batches to meet the demands of his five siblings, his many friends, and his personal inventory.

Scott’s home brew has been commissioned for many weddings and other special occasions giving him plenty of opportunity to develop new recipes with varying styles so as to be able to pour a pint for every palette. His Hefeweizen is a local favorite and has been the ‘gateway’ beer for many. Simple, yet complex, it provides a nice balance of the clove and banana esters traditional of the style. It is delicious on its own, but also pairs nicely with a slice of Eureka lemon, which Scott always has on hand from his parent’s tree. Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning quick. Scott and his wife lived on Maui for a couple years where a friend, and fast fan of Scott’s Hefeweizen, was surprised how quickly the beer went from grain to glass; hence, Wiki Wiki.

Like most home brewers, Scott dreams of starting a commercial brewery some day, and is currently working to make that a reality. Scott is grateful to have a very supportive and understanding wife who tolerates the massive amount of time and space his passion for beer consumes.

Although brewing beer (and coffee, too!) and Scott’s business, North Bay Dent Master, occupy most of his time, he does find time for other passions. Look for him hiking, running, and biking the trails of the Bay Area and the west shore of Lake Tahoe with his chocolate lab and Weimaraner. He also enjoys snowboarding during the winter months and working in his large vegetable garden throughout the year.

Scott’s charity of choice is Kelly's Wishes Foundation.

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